Commercial Roofing Services in Billings, Montana

The roofing options available to commercial building owners are considerably different than those available to homeowners. Many roofing companies offer a number of options to commercial clients, but the installation process is more complex and generally takes much longer than a residential installation. Deciding on a roofing system, and beginning the installation process for an apartment complex, a restaurant, or an office building is a task best left to the professional roofing contractors at Siding and Shingles, one of Billings’ premier roofing companies.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

Unlike residential roofing options, where asphalt shingles are the standard, commercial roofing systems vary widely based on your needs and concerns. Some common commercial roofing systems include:

– Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF), a self-flashing solution that offers versatility in shape and size and is watertight.
– Single Ply Roofing System (TPO or PVC), made of plastic compounds, which boast a long service life, excellent weather performance, and is best for low slope structures.
– Modified Bitumen (MB), a five-layer, asphalt based, built-up roofing system that is best for low-slope or flat roof structures common in commercial buildings.
– Concrete Roofing System, a relatively new, three-layer roofing system that can withstand major weather events and reflects sunlight for energy efficiency.
– Metal Roofing, a durable, energy efficient, stylish roofing system with many material options to suit your needs. Metal roofing has become considerably more popular in recent years for its energy efficiency.
– Built-Up Roofing (BUR), similar to modified bitumen, a four-layer fabric and asphalt system for flat or low-slope roofing system that is durable, long-lasting, and versatile.
– Tar and Gravel, a three- to five-layer laminated, asphalt and tar roofing system that lasts up to twenty years, is a more budget friendly commercial roofing option, and is energy- efficient.

There are a number of roofing systems and solutions offered by roofing companies that can suit your needs, whether that be metal roofing, or BUR. The roofing contractors at Siding and Shingles will work with you to determine which system will work the best for you.

Commercial Roofing Installation

The installation process for a commercial roofing system takes considerably longer and is far more complex than a residential roofing installation. This is due in part to the larger size of commercial buildings and in part due to the complexity of commercial roofing systems — often, they require extra time to cure, settle, or be glued down. Hiring professionals who have experience completing large commercial roofing projects is crucial to a proper job.

Commercial Roofing Repairs and Solutions

Maintenance and repair are the key to the longevity of the roof on your commercial space. However, repairs and maintenance on a commercial roof is far more complex that repairing and maintaining residential roofing. An expert eye from a trusted roofing contractor can tell you the scope of the problem at hand, as well as the solution, whether that be patching or replacing your entire roofing system.

Your roofing job is unique and customized to your needs, so your installation, maintenance, and repair regimen should be too. Ensure that you have the right people for the job and call the roofing contractors at Siding and Shingles today for all of your roofing needs in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas!

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